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Video Production is the heart of what ONIX offers as a full-service production company. We produce video content for all digital channels. The content created will always be partnered with your digital marketing and content strategy in mind to align with your business objectives and goals. 

With many options to choose from, we tailor all our video production packages to suit our client's specific needs and can be involved as little or as much as you need. These are some of the types of videos we have produced for our clients:


  • Brand Videos & Storytelling

  • B2B Videos

  • Testimonial Videos

  • Online Courses or ELearning Videos

  • Company Culture

  • Social Media Videos

  • Real Estate Video & Property Walk-Throughs

  • Online Video Marketing & Ads

  • YouTube Channel Videos

  • Corporate Videos

  • Explainer Videos

  • Promotion Videos

  • Animation Videos

  • Training Videos

  • Behind-the-Scenes Videos

  • Short-Form Documentaries

  • Fashion Films

  • Music Videos


The benefits of working with ONIX:

  • We don't just understand production, we understand branding, marketing and the digital universe

  • We offer a free strategy session to ensure alignment

  • Fast turnaround times & enquiry response times (guaranteed)

  • We can do all the heavy lifting with pre-production requirements such as casting, location scouting, concept development & scripting

  • We keep your content library warm so you have the option to repurpose, revitalise for future projects

  • Always flexible with changes & easily adapt to new ideas

  • Our team is fun, creative, experience & passionate with genuine care for our work & clients 

  • We provide ongoing insights & value long after the project is done





Content is the central currency to any successful business. To be effective in today’s digital landscape, you have to be present across all the top platforms. You’ll need to be proactive, engage your customers and prospects in meaningful and valuable conversations and that is why it is important to have a content strategy that is purposeful and easy to follow. 

We work with you to uncover and understand your ideal audience, what resonates with them and what type of creative will help you stand out from the crowded marketplace. We help manage by leading with a content audit, an SEO report with content recommendations and more.


What content do you need to create to engage and attract? How can you convey your expertise and establish yourself as a thought-leader? What works on social media? Where and when to post? What should you post?  How often and why?

These are some vital questions we would work with you on to develop a plan and strategy for your brand. We strive to strategise on how to connect your content with your ideal customers. We focus on engaging the right people who will interact, consume and take action to grow brand loyalty.



We know our social content, and we know how to get your brand out there. Social media marketing content creation is a simple and very effective way to reach out and increase brand loyalty and create a dialogue with the people who matter. We create a plan,  we put it into action and consistently increase yourdigital presence in places your customers will find you.


Every project is unique and there isn't a one size fits all approach when it comes to social media. At ONIX, we have capacity to manage various elements of your social media goals. From content development, profile management, organic engagement to ad campaigns. Our team of experts are proficient on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok. We can support you on just one element or help you manage every aspect. Our journey with you always starts with an audit to understand holistically your entire business and how social media plays into it. Based on our findings, we then develop a tailored social media package that suits your needs, your budget and your objectives.


You can have full confidence knowing that you will always be kept in the loop, feel in control and most importantly, understand through our insightful reports, the progress of your presence and campaigns.


Our Social Media Management Packages have been created for small to medium enterprises, designed with maximum value and growth in mind. Whether you're at the start of your journey or already established, these packages can help you achieve your desired social goals. 

Our social media marketing packages can include:

  • Account management

  • Custom channel specific content

  • Social Media Copy

  • Creative Content Curation

  • Content Boosting

  • Custom Monthly Insights report

  • Monthly Content Calendar

  • Custom / Premium Photography

  • Custom Content Creation

  • Daily Posting at Peak Periods

  • Paid Campaign Support

  • Community Management


Our paid social media packages includes:

  • Facebook and/or LinkedIn Pixel Installation

  • Business Manager Setup

  • Strategy

  • Content Optimisation

  • Custom Audience Segmentation

  • Detailed Post Campaign Report

  • Custom Content Creation

  • Organic Content Management

  • Additional Audience Segmenting

  • Additional Copy + Creative Variations



Having high-quality images on your website and across your digital universe will help provide more trust to your potential customers. It not only attracts a person's interest but it also has the power to improve your visibility online. Besides from video content, images are one of the most valuable mediums for getting better results. Compared to stock imagery, original professional photography will ensure an authentic brand identity, high-quality and evergreen result.

Whatever your business or brand, these are the types of photography we offer:

  • Corporate Headshot Photography

  • Candid Company Culture Photography

  • Product Photography

  • Fashion Lookbooks or Catalogues

  • Behind-the-scenes Photography

  • Personal Branding Photography

  • Editorial or Creative Photography




Need some fresh copy on your website? How about a blog post?

We have copywriters waiting to get into the head and hearts of your customers and use your authentic brand voice to give you punchy copy that sells. 


Copywriting is critical for any business and applies to all forms of marketing and advertising. Great copy that performs will drive results.

ONIX Copywriters will collaborate with you and take the time to understand more about your business, deep-drive the topic to write unique copy that is engaging, interesting, smart and SEO friendly.

Some of our copywriting services include:

  • Social Captions

  • Website Copy

  • Written Blogs

  • Ebooks

  • Newsletters

  • Scripting

  • Ad Copy