Like most creatives in the industry, we started our careers freelancing. Fuelled by our passion for film, production, and business, we empowered ourselves by gaining more experience working for SMEs and agencies. These experiences gave us strong knowledge and access to marketing principles for global and national brands and businesses. 

After years of developing our skills in content creation, and business operations, we saw a huge gap in the market in helping solve specific business pains and problems with content marketing.

We knew then that we could help service clients who had big goals and dreams through modern marketing strategies and channels.

In today's digital age, the need for video content is highly desirable, yet few people understand the core principles of storytelling, branding & marketing in order to reach, connect & engage with their audience.


We work with our clients to experience the journey together.

From the early stages of ideation right through to distribution and beyond. If the content we've produced is the reason your plan didn't work, we'll fix it.


That's why ONIX is the content partner you are looking for.