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  • Dee Huynh

Why is Video Content Marketing essential?

According to Cisco, video content accounts for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

Videos on social media generate 1200% more shares compared with images and text together.

To get started, develop topics that interest your audience. A fantastic resource you can use is a website called, AnswerThePublic. AnswerThePublic listens to autocomplete data from search engines like Google to provide you with useful phrases and questions people are asking around your keyword. With the insight they provide, you now have access to a whole array of topics to start creating content from.

Another way to create relevant topics is to look at SEO research and understand what is popular in your industry. Focusing on keywords will help you put a new spin on them for your video content.

Post consistently high-quality video content.

When it comes to video content marketing, quality is your most important asset. Having links that are easily accessible encourages people to share your video with their site and external sites. Doing this can drive a lot more traffic to your site.

Have a promotional plan with a strategy in place.

Once you have uploaded your video, get everyone on your team and in your social channels to search for your keywords in your video, scroll down until they find it on Google, click on it to watch. Then like it and share it! The algorithm loves this!

Another way to ensure views on your content marketing video is to upload it to Youtube! Youtube is the second largest search engine on the web. Using Youtube to post your content marketing videos with a link to your website ensures that you have a big chance that your video will get views and shares. It is essential to make your title catchy and full of your SEO keywords so that the right people find your videos.

On Youtube, you can spend a small amount to get initial views on your video. In turn, paying for the first views makes your channel look more authentic and will lead to organic traffic finding you and subscribing to your videos.

Ok, so how do I make a content video for marketing? Well, by contacting ONIX, you are already halfway there! We can guide you through the entire process and if you're confident, have the resources and time, you can absolutely do it yourself. If you prefer not to, ONIX can do it all for you. Here some initial questions and points you should consider:

  • Define your purpose for the video. Where will you be posting this, and how often?

  • Define your target audience. As in any digital marketing campaign, knowing and determining your customer avatar is essential.

  • What story do you want to tell with your video?

  • Stick to a timeline.

  • Maintain a realistic budget.

Once you have video content, we can divide up the footage to be used in numerous videos to get the most out of your investment. When you post it or go live, keep an eye on your statistics in Google Analytics to see what is working for you.


  • If posting your video to external channels, always add keywords to your video description and include a link to your website.

  • Link-building is essential. The more links that lead to your video, the larger the chance to rank in a Google search.

  • Thumbnails are the first thing that grabs the attention of your viewer. Create engaging, colourful, high-quality, branded and eye-catching thumbnails.

At ONIX, we are experts in video content creation. We can guide you through every step of your digital marketing strategy and help you to bring in some organic traffic to your website and social media forums. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to get started!



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