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  • Dee Huynh

What is B2B Content Marketing?

What is B2B Content Marketing?

B2B means business to business communications.

B2B content marketing is when we create blog posts, audio, video, e-books, podcast episodes for business to business, with the number one goal of explicitly targeting your leads and prospects. Often the companies consuming this content won't find you because they are searching the internet specifically for your service. Still, they will find you because they have a problem or a question and are looking for an answer. The content you provide for B2Bs should solve their problem or offer a strategy to help them solve their problem.

If the company finds your information helpful to them, it will establish a relationship with you and the content you provide. And when these companies need to hire someone to help them solve their problems, they will look to you and your business to help them do that, purely because they already feel comfortable working with you.

It is helpful to remember that a B2B lead will generally take a bit longer to convert to a sale than a B2C *Business to customer prospect.

A B2B funnel is very much like any other marketing funnel; it is essential with your B2B content marketing strategy to decide which part of your funnel you target and specify who you are targeting. Identify where you need help. Is it getting the right people to find you? Is it awareness? Is it conversions? Establish which area of the funnel you need to focus on and create content appropriate to that.

B2B being leads driven is very different from measuring our success with customers. The same metrics you use for your other marketing strategies won't work when measuring your success in B2B. The number of shares and follows won't matter as much here. There are statistics available from some of the most successful B2B companies. For example, the top 500 B2B companies results tell us that a decision-maker will read at least 13 pieces of educational content before deciding on a company to work with, Enter... the blog.

Having a blog on your website in 2021 is very important for B2B marketing. Your call to action ( CTA) also needs to be prominent on the website.

Educational blogs gain much higher conversions in B2B content marketing than a blog talking too much about themselves. People want to be educated, not hear about your company news. A general educational topic to help solve a problem in your B2B sector is the best way to go.

Research tells us that when it comes to any content marketing, SEO is essential. There was a time when the experts in SEO let us know it was better to be posting short-form content regularly. The latest statistics in SEO for 2021 confirm that for B2B, it is more effective to post long-form educational articles less frequently. They suggest that it is better to go in-depth about educating your audience and focus highly on your SEO. An average blog post in b2b content marketing should be gaining over 200 views per month to be working well for you.

If you need help establishing your B2B marketing content strategy, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at ONIX. We are here to help.



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