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  • Dee Huynh

Using Video to Drive Your Sales Strategy

Video is a powerful tool to help people connect with your brand and your business. When video appears, there's an instant intuitive reaction compelling people to click play to watch.

Here are our top four reasons why you should be using video to drive your sales strategy:

  1. Cut through the noise through email - people are receiving hundreds of emails a day and video has the potential to earn you 3x more responses than a standard text-only email.

  2. Build better relationships - when people can see a human face and look you in the eye, there's already a different level of interest and trust; like they know you and will therefore be more willing to connect with you.

  3. Save time - if you can engage with your prospect efficiently by taking them to the next stage faster without you having to repeat yourself time and time again, wouldn't that be amazing?

  4. Keep it simple - you can explain really complex subjects in a much simpler format by showing people and not just by telling them. It's much clearer and can be structured in a much more concise way.

How or where to use video as part of your sales strategy

  • Subject lines that have the word 'video' in it are more likely to be opened. Include a thumbnail for extra brownie points!

  • Including videos in social networking channels like LinkedIn InMails, Twitter DMs or Instagram DMs can be highly effective when targeting specific people.

  • Maintain the connection and the momentum by explaining and informing your prospects with video. This helps people feel like that already know you even before they've met you and that is a massive competitive advantage. Furthermore, you can and probably should maintain that connection even after they become your customer to simplify any complex processes or topics.

When it comes to content, the key to getting started is simply to start.

Still not sure how? Contact us so we can help you setup your video sales strategy.



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