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  • Dee Huynh

How to Repurpose Your Content for Social Media

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Have you ever considered repurposing and recycling your existing bank of content so it doesn’t go to waste my not being seen or heard?

Understanding how you can transform the content you have specifically for social media channels can be extremely beneficial to you.


Creating content can be a challenging and time-consuming exercise when you don’t have enough resources to help you get the job done. That is why it is of high-value to look at opportunities and plan for it beforehand prior to you even pressing record or starting a new piece. 

For example, the next time you’re considering filming new video content, map out the key messages and identify areas where you can maximise the opportunity to repurpose your content. Also think about how you can:

  1. Capture the audio and output it as a separate file

  2. Have a photographer or someone available on hand to take some photos which you can post as a carousel or stills. 

  3. Strip the audio so you can output the file as a podcast or use as sound bites

  4. Transcribe the audio recording so you can convert it into a blog post

  5. If your video is a longer piece, it will most likely contain a number of meaningful information. Cut the video into bite-size pieces so you can output 15-30 sec edits across your socials. 

  6. Take memorable quotes from the capture and turn it into engaging graphics. Use Canva, Word Swag or Photoshop to access a wide range of styles and photos to make it interesting. 

  7. Create a GIF or a cinemagraph to bring to life a still image or a key quote.

  8. Edit the video into vertical specs for Stories 9:16 format if your original video was recorded in the landscape 16:9 format.


It might seem like really hard work at first to develop your own library of content but like any project, if planned out well, you can save ample time to ensure that the one piece of content you’ve invested in, will last you for months on end. Look for ways you can ensure your content has longevity and can be repurposed to reduce your long-term costs, create efficiencies and increase your brand’s exposure. 

Want to repurpose but simply don’t have the time?

At ONIX Productions, we can take your various formats of content and repurpose and reshape them into new and engaging content for your socials so you can easily share them. Contact us to find out how. 


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