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  • Dee Huynh

How to squeeze more value out of your best content

For most modern digital marketing strategies, content is the key to whether the plan makes or breaks. For some brands, it's about building an audience or increasing organic visibility and for others, it's about developing a stronger brand reputation.

Whatever your objectives are to create and use content, you need to understand which pieces are the most effective based on metrics. From there, you should then find ways to squeeze even more value out of the best pieces; simply because it is already gaining great results with your target audience.

So how will you do this?

Firstly, based on your metric goals, find out which pieces of content has gained the most traction through comments, shares or click-throughs. Once you know which pieces of content provide the best results, you can squeeze more value out of it by:

1. Translating that piece of content into a different medium.

For example, if your blog post had a high number of views and you received great feedback from it, turn that blog post into a podcast or into an educational video you can share on your socials. You're basically taking the information and messaging you've already written and resharing or retelling it in another way that can be more engaging and keep the conversation going with your target audience. Better yet, translating your content in a new way can potentially help it reach new audiences with the same content and not a crazy amount of effort!

2. Promote the content to new audiences.

There are options whereby you can further advertise or syndicate the already interesting content piece to an even wider audience. Find relevant industry personalities who would be interested and tag them or ask them for their opinion. If they like what you've done, the likelihood of them resharing on their own Twitter or Linkedin page is very high.

Another to keep in mind is that just because you've promoted or shared a piece of content once before doesn't mean that you can't share it or promote it again in the future. Recirculating your content will keep your feeds fresh and it will continue to drive new people to it.

3. Make it work even harder by deconstructing or reconstructing the content.

If you wrote an ebook, think about how you can break that book down into an article or into several social media posts. Each chapter can basically be its own post with a call-to-action message for your target audience to "Read More" by downloading that longer and more informative ebook that you wrote!

4. Updating and revising

A lot of the time, people don't create content with the evergreen content mindset. That means that content may need to be updated or revised if the information is no longer relevant due to a time or seasonal reference or due to an old statistic or new conclusion.

Another example of revising content is when you need to tweak it for a different market segment. If it's for a different channel with a different audience, it's important that you write or frame the content in the type of language that would appeal best to them.

Ultimately, better understanding your best types and pieces of content will enable you to gauge what topics, styles and interests resonate most with your target audience. The more pieces you identify and analyse, the more you'll be able to test and learn and come up with new ideas in the future. Remember that it's always about adding value so proactively present it and share it with pride. There is no limitation to what you can do to create and achieve your objectives through content.

So if you're looking for more ideas on how you can squeeze more value out of your content, get in touch with us today for a chat on how we can help.

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