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Why you SHOULDN'T spend money on video

Today’s consumers expect remarkable content-driven experiences at every point of their buying journey. And, marketers are failing to deliver because they haven’t determined how to connect them all with a unified and focused content strategy.

We have experienced businesses who tackle the video marketing play by diving in head first and spending a chunk of their budget on a high quality video. They slap the video on their landing page, sit back and wait for a miracle to happen. They leave it at that hoping, and wondering, with no further intention to develop additional videos. 

Then on the other end of the spectrum, companies spend an even larger chunk of their marketing budget on a series of social videos to stay in the game, but then, they fail to address the key principles of creating good content which ultimately lead to them believing that "video just doesn't work for my business".

To avoid wasting your hard-earned money here are some questions for you to consider before you start:

  • Who is your audience and are you empathising with them?

  • Is your content relevant and would your audience recommend it to others?

  • Is your content teaching them something? Or is it entertaining or inspiring them?

  • How are you getting your content in front of them so you can help make their lives better or easier?

  • What digital channels will your content live?

  • What channel would be your main point of sale?

As we repeat extensively with all our clients, video marketing should not be a knee-jerk reaction or a gamble. When you take into consideration the resources, time and money invested, it is worth putting in a little more effort before you press record, to develop a solid video marketing strategy. Similar to the inbound marketing approach, the aim is to attract your audience/customers through engaging content that they deem helpful or relevant.

When your video acknowledges your audience’s challenges and provides them with potential solutions, your content is then considered valuable. In return, by providing this value, your business, product or service exists in the market and your prospective customers are now fully aware of your presence. Taking your audience through this journey puts them into understanding, assessing and making the decision whether or not to purchase what you have to offer. 

So please, don't spend your money on video if you're not willing to invest in developing a strategy for your content. Don't create a great video to have it sitting there in your content bank. Plan for it, understand what to do with it and how you can get it directly to your audience, then create it. Once you see the likes and the interactions increase, that is when you'll find the value and the return in your content investment.

If you'd like to see how we could develop a video marketing plan for your business, CONTACT US for a free strategy call.