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  • Dee Huynh

Why Having Consistent Content is Important for Your Digital Strategy

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

"Consistency is key." We hear this expression so often in today's digital age but do we really understand why this is true?

We know it's a fact for all of life's activities whether you're learning something, breaking an old habit or, going to the gym or, starting a new routine, you have to be consistent. The same mindset and practice apply to your reach online.

Whether you're sending email newsletters, blogs or posting on social media, consistency is key. It is vital because there is so much going out there, it's crowded and noisy and there's an excessive amount of content debris to swipe past. So if you haven't put in a place a plan to create consistently, your time is now.

The key to being consistent with your content is always V.A.P.E

  • Value - always give your audience something valuable they can consume and take away. Share your knowledge and skills to help prove that you are a credible person, brand, business or source.

  • Aesthetic - always be on-brand using the right font, colours, style, theme, visuals and voice to make your brand more memorable and recognisable because familiarity builds trust.

  • Post - always plan ahead. Post regularly and be present enough to make an impact. How often you should post will depend on your audience and the platform they find you on. To begin with, aim to post at least 2-3 times per week and stick to it for at least a month, then increase your posts if you have enough valuable content to share.

  • Engage - always respond to your DMs, emails or comments. Every engagement (unless it's spam) is highly valuable. If someone out there gives you love for your post, never ignore them. High engagement tells the platform, you are a person of interest and as a person of interest, the algorithm will boost your interesting post, to keep people interested in their platform!

Lastly, being consistent does not mean just post anything. Don't post for the sake of posting. Always have purpose and do it with clear intent to serve and to give people value.

Consistency is important because it establishes your credibility, helps build trust and strengthens you as a reputable figure or brand in the field. At the end of the day, we all want to create greater awareness, build more following, have better engagement or generate more leads. Content consistency is the most effective way and arguably, the only way you can reach your business objectives.

Need help creating a strategy to create consistent content for your business? Whether it be for your socials, your website or digital marketing goals, contact us ONIX to elevate your next content plan.



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