Social Media Marketing Predictions You Must Know

Another year of surfing through the unpredictable waves of the pandemic and its impacts has to lead to so much disruption across all industries and the economy. This has effectively changed the way we do business and market to the masses. Patterns of lockdowns, restrictions and the workforce saw changes to online behaviours and new trends that will affect the way we consume and connect for a long time into the future.

As we try to move forward into the new normal, we've identified some key changes and trends in the social media space that every business owner and marketer should be aware of across each platform. Here are some predictions you should make note of as you plan for the new year ahead for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Facebook isn't new to controversy and it's sparking more interesting debates with its proposed new "metaverse" concept and name change. As the gigantic social platform moves further into VR/AR and tech, expect integrations and interactions to take socials to the next level. We've been told that they are pushing eCommerce with Facebook and Instagram Shops. Live-stream shopping will be a thing and shoppable posts will become even easier for people to click, shop and buy. Audio social will also remain and grow as Facebook seeks to make the experience more interesting for its specific audio-friendly users. If your business can perform effectively through audio content, keep going as there's room for more growth.

Instagram is a platform that is always on-trend and popular with the younger market. Similar to Facebook, they have a strong focus on making posts shoppable. It is also developing its 'object identification tool' which can help users identify what the product is and potentially where to buy it. Video has the most impact on its users and with Reels and Stories leading their features, it's a natural evolution to see the platform leads with the Stories/Reels videos when you open it as opposed to the traditional feed posts. AR is another area the team at Facebook are trying to grow in massively. Similar to apps like Snapchat, the AR experience will be connected using wearables such as AR glasses and software tools to capture video and enhance AR experiences.

Twitter has been working hard to level up on its features to keep up with its competing platforms. One of the developing functions is... you guessed it, eCommerce. Being able to shop directly via a business profile and in-stream tweets are the key highlights. It will be interesting to see how this evolves with its users but there's huge potential and if it's on offer, content creators will do what they can do to monetise the feature. The other terms hot on everyone's lips recently are Cryptos and NFTs. Integrating tech development into their app, Twitter is working on enabling people to showcase NFT purchases and make payments via crypto. Assuming this trend continues to grow, this could really set Twitter apart from other social platforms making it more valuable and functional as a means of payment. Videos will also be a key area of focus to enable full-screen, short-form video. Definitely keep this in mind when planning for next year's video content.

LinkedIn is in the process of offering a much stronger in-app experience next year by facilitating better live-stream events. This will mean that if you're looking to expand your event reach, you can do so via an online broadcast without the stress of setting up multiple third-party platforms, making it more convenient and cost-effective for businesses. Thanks to the pandemic, working remotely is now the new normal. With this reality being the case, recruitment has also been challenging and LinkedIn is working on improving a candidate's professional insights and video interviews. This is an exciting space and we're very interested to find out how they look to integrate the recruitment and training tools within the platform. A little while ago, we were notified that LinkedIn was getting rid of their versions of Stories. Now we know that they have recently acquired a how-to video platform to enable creators to develop their own how-to content via a similar Stories format. Pretty awesome!

With the new year just around the corner, it's important to understand the trends, learn what's coming and plan ahead with your team so that you be part of the tastemakers in your industry. Change can be challenging a lot of the time, however adopting a change with confidence and owning it will provide you with high impact and a respectable response from your fans, buyers, audience, prospects and customers.

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