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Preparing your business for post-Covid

What happens when you get to light at the end of the tunnel?

At ONIX, we're all optimists but the truth is. we’re not entirely sure that things will ever return to normal. And if it did, it certainly wouldn’t be something that happens overnight.

So as we wait for the world to reopen again, one city at a time, businesses should start thinking about how they can pivot once again to get with the times and dealing with what’s to come post COVID.

Business model based on restrictions

Knowing that there will be some kind of social distance or restrictions in place, how are you managing client expectations? What do you need to put in practice or develop as part of your processes to make it safe? For example, if you’re a food service, will you be offering  a take-out or delivery option? Have you considered spacing out your tables or blocking sections off so all patrons are protected?

In our instance, the production team at ONIX are taking extra precautionary methods when it comes to cleaning our equipment. Especially with any gear that may be in contact with someone else such as a lapel mic. With sanitiser on hand at all times, we clean before, during and after. More importantly, if anyone from the team has any symptoms of any kind, they’re staying home. Implementing these types of practices is great reassurance for your customers and anyone involved in your business whether internal or external.

Understanding customer expectations

This shouldn’t be a surprise for any business but we’re discussing this in terms of the way your customer is evolving. What are their wants and needs?  How is your post-pandemic customer different to your pre-pandemic customer? How will you empathise with them to evolve with their expectations. The brands showing their human side across the digital space throughout the year has proven to build a stronger customer base and a better customer experience. It’s never too late so if you haven’t started, get on it. Be present, show that you care and reach out in a meaningful way.

Virtual presence

As mentioned, going digital is vital. Online classrooms, video conferencing and Zoom dates became a normal thing. With more people working from home and potentially continuing to work remotely in the long run, know what products or services exist that will help you do your job better. 'Work smarter, not harder’ is one of our favourite sayings and platforms like Zoom, Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams and Wipster are some of our preferred software.

Maintain relevance

There are industries who have had to rethink their entire offering because of what has happened. Categories like tourism have so much uncertainty. With uncertainty, comes opportunity and it’s all about being ahead of the curve. Assess what is missing and identify  gaps. If it’s something your competitors aren’t addressing, now is your time. Married with the right marketing strategies, you might be surprised at your audience response. Whilst you have time, research, test, learn and iterate. Anything is possible now that the world has reset itself.

At the end of the day, just 'Do you’.

Planning for post covid is all about dealing with reality, staying relevant and understanding best practices on how you approach people.  There was a reason why you had a successful business to begin with. You have great assets you can still depend on. Use your resources, experience and skills to your advantage. If you provided remarkable products and services before, remain consistent, be reliable and stay really good at what you do, your customers won’t abandon you. Give your audience a gentle reminder that you’re still around while proving that ‘you’ve got this’.