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  • Dee Huynh

Optimising Your TikTok Bio & Content

If you're just getting started on TikTok, this one is for you!

We've got some great tips on how you can optimise your bio and content to reach more people and grow your business through actual sales and click-throughs.

So first things first, let's create your TikTok profile:

Your Profile Photo - TikTok's profile icons are circular and small scale so whichever image you choose, it must be easy to recognise.

  • If you have a logo, make sure it is high-contrast and easy to read

  • A fun headshot is always engaging

  • Selling a product? Use a clean recognisable product photo that still highlights your brand

Selecting a Username - If one of your objectives is to be top-of-mind, make it easy to remember. Extra numbers and special characters should be avoided unless its relevant to your brand.

Your written Bio - Clear and concise is key. You have 80 characters to grab people's attention and help them connect with you. What's your value and shows your personality? If you have relevant keywords or a CTA, include them! Lastly, include a URL link to get people to where you want them.

When it comes to how TikTok works and its algorithm, it's undeniable that it's super powerful and it has mastered categorising content and learning how to serve its users content that is relevant and of interest to them. The content is ranked and shown to users based on some signal indicators:

How are users interacting with your content?

Through likes, comments, shares, favourites, view completion and re-watches

What's the subject matter?

Quality of the video content, caption keywords, hashtags and sounds used

Is there negative user Feedback?

When videos are skipped or marked as 'not interested' by users, the algorithm that's it seriously and won't rank the content high.

How do make my content captivating?

It always starts with a hook - makes it a question, a relatable statement, a challenge or even something controversial. The idea is to make people stop scrolling and watch your video so make it impactful!

How do I improve my discoverability?

Keywords are a real thing on TikTok, especially how the algorithm recognises the content. Knowing this, you should scatter keywords all through your content, voiceover and captions.

What about trends?

This one can be tricky and it does involve being really involved and knowing what's happening right 'now'. To maximise on a trending feature, song, challenge, or topic - just do it! Don't overthink it and worry that it needs to be perfect. If you obsess over something little, the trend may pass and all your efforts will be wasted anyway.

How much engagement is needed from me?

As with any social media platform, community engagement is super important to connect with people and sound human. Comment, pin and reply to encourage engagement to get you ranking high!

How often should I post?

There's no magic number but the goal is to post consistently. Post often enough for the algorithm to learn who would resonate with your content. Keep it consistent and soon enough you'll have a grip on your niche.

Need a bit of help getting your TikTok started and content created for your business or brand? From capturing the content to just editing your footage and assets, we've come up with creative solutions to ensure you can maintain a consistent content strategy and stay top of mind! Contact us now for a free consult -



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