ONIX, a covid-safe media and film production company

We are a covid-safe production company and we stick to covid guidelines whilst filming. If you are looking for a production team that can ensure a COVID-Safe environment and that all guidelines are adhered to, contact ONIX now to schedule a chat.

ONIX offers covid-safe media and film production.

During the pandemic businesses all over the world have realised the need to consider a strong digital presence and an online marketing campaign—no matter their industry. ONIX is here to help with that. There is no time like the present to give yourself and your business sustainable content that can be used to connect with customers during these uncertain times.

Film and social media are some of the most effective ways to stay relevant and reach your customers while remaining vigilant and operating in a covid safe way.

When you book production with ONIX you can be sure that you are in safe hands. We do everything we can to provide the safest environment possible by staying up to date on covid safe practices. We adhere to the Australian Screen Production Industry covid-safe guidelines.

All media and film production will be carried out thoughtfully and with the utmost respect for health and safety. We have made simple yet effective changes to adhere to covid safe practices and keep everyone involved, Covid safe.

So what does all of this mean for you? How does a media and production shoot work during the pandemic? Well, it is very simple. We follow the 6 Principals of a Covid-Safe Workplace.

Physical Distancing

We will use tape to mark out parameters on the floor at the chosen location. There will always be a minimum of 1.5 meters kept between the Interviewees position and the filming and audio equipment. The equipment is also chosen to reduce the risk for cross-contamination, and we now use a free-standing Condenser Microphone instead of Lapel Microphones.

Wearing a mask

The production team will now be wearing a regulation 3Layered Filtered N99 Mask whilst on site, and during the entire session. You will be asked to provide your own mask, however, if regulations allow and with the Interviewees consent your mask can be removed to benefit the results of the footage and audio.

Practise Good Hygiene

After each interview is completed all surfaces will be sterilised with antibacterial wipes. ONIX will provide a 75% Alcohol-based Hand Sanitiser for everyone on set.

Keep good records and act quickly if staff become unwell

ONIX will work with the client to obtain all relevant contact information of Interviewees and staff involved to ensure all records are kept. We will keep communication lines open with the client in case we need to notify anyone involved for medical assistance or quarantine purposes.

Avoid interactions in close spaces

We will only engage with Interviewees and Venue Staff within closed spaces when it is entirely necessary and is deemed important to the desired outcome of the film. Anything that can be re-located or adjusted to a safer space such as outside spaces will take preference.

Create Workforce Bubbles

To assist in the physical distancing requirements, Interviewees will be filmed in allocated time slots, provided by a schedule. Everyone will now enter our set one by one to limit the total amount of people in the space at any given time.

Should you just wait to film after the pandemic? Definitely not! As business continues to work through the pandemic, the way we rely on the online world is quickly changing. Now is the perfect time to seize new opportunities and rise to the challenge. The team at ONIX is here to help boost your marketing during covid, and adopt a thoughtful digital strategy in post covid marketing campaigns. There has been no better time to go digital and reach out to your audience through film and social channels.

  • Inform your customers.

  • Create a dialogue.

  • Stay present.

  • Ultimately build trust.

At ONIX, we choose to rise to the challenge. Let’s get you some covid proof content!

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