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  • Dee Huynh

Instagram CEO Unveils Algorithm Updates to Enhance User Experience

The CEO of Instagram recently shared some exciting updates regarding the platform's algorithms, aiming to enhance user experience and provide more control and engagement opportunities for content creators. These updates, spanning various aspects of Instagram, including ranking, shadow-banning, audience growth, and original content, are poised to shape the future of the platform and its community.


In the realm of Stories, Instagram encourages content creators to make use of the in-app tools provided, such as stickers and polls, to drive more action from their followers. These interactive features allow for better engagement and offer measurable insights. On the other hand, the Feed algorithm aims to prioritise relationship-building content, focusing on deeper and more meaningful posts. Additionally, Instagram plans to introduce a "Favourites List" feature that allows users to curate content from prospects, followers, and clients they wish to engage with more actively.


Instagram's short-form video feature, will continue to emphasise entertainment value. It serves as a top-of-funnel tool, often reaching a wider, colder audience. The algorithm will prioritise watch time, making high-quality, punchy, and easily consumable content crucial for success in this format.


Explore as a recommendation surface, offers ample opportunities for rapid growth. To maximise visibility in this section, creators are advised to consistently provide value to their audience and cater to specific communities. By driving engagement through likes, saves, and shares, users can boost their content's reach and discoverability.

Shadowbanning: Instagram's CEO addressed concerns related to shadowbanning, a practice where an account's visibility is reduced without the user's knowledge. To mitigate this, Instagram now provides an Account Status feature that informs users about their account's status. Users can review their account and receive recommendations on how to address any issues or appeal content decisions, ensuring a fair and transparent user experience.

How to Grow Your Audience

Experimentation is key when it comes to audience growth, as each audience is unique.

Content creators are encouraged to explore different strategies and adapt based on their insights. By regularly checking their analytics and understanding what works and what doesn't, creators can make informed decisions and optimise their content for broader trends.

Collaborating with other creators is another recommended approach to expanding one's audience. Instagram offers a built-in feature to find similar audiences, making it easier to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Additionally, partnerships with influencer agencies can be explored to tap into new audiences and increase visibility.

The emphasis on original content remains a cornerstone of Instagram's algorithm updates. Creating unique and authentic content continues to be a driving force for engagement and growth on the platform. By offering a fresh perspective and delivering value to their audience, content creators can establish a strong presence and foster a loyal following.

Instagram's CEO has shared valuable insights into the latest algorithm updates, outlining a strategic approach to ranking content, addressing shadow-banning concerns, and providing tips for audience growth. These changes underscore Instagram's commitment to fostering meaningful connections and rewarding creators who deliver quality and originality. By embracing these updates, content creators can navigate the evolving landscape of Instagram, expand their reach, and build thriving communities around their passions.



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