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  • Dee Huynh

How to work with creators for TikTok Content

If you're a brand considering integrating TikTok in your marketing mix, here are some tips on collaborating with creators effectively to maximise your messaging without compromising your brand safety.

As a brand, you first need to understand what type of people use TikTok and what they are on the platform for. What are these users looking for from a brand like yours? How can your brand be the answer and help these users fill the gap they're hoping to fill? Businesses are utilising key trends to maximise TikTok's key features to be seen.

From a content creator's perspective, the content they create for brands must still be authentic to them, whether it be delivered through their passion or their stories. Before you connect with your next collaborator who will be helping create content for your brand, consider these top tips:

  1. Don't be too forceful - the important word in this relationship between you and the creator is collaboration. That means you must avoid dictating everything about the content. Being too forceful can limit the creator and potentially affect the result they deliver.

  2. Give creative freedom - to further emphasise the above point, many creators and influencers should have the freedom to express themselves through their content authentically. As long as you're selecting the right creative partner based on interests, values and audience suitability, you don't have to overthink the content they can or can't make. Let them do what they do best.

  3. Entertain or educate - TikTok users are on the app to either be entertained or to learn something. Make connections by providing insight into your brand's world through the eyes of the creator. Lean into what users want and keep them engaged by giving.

  4. Stay on trend with features - music is incredibly important, and brands must be open to tunes being used in the content if they want to see success on TikTok. Visual effects, transitions, and edition actions are all part of the joy of TikTok videos. Allow your creators to use their style and aesthetic to make the content interesting and appealing to their audience.

If you're adding TikTok into your content strategy this month and need help getting started, we can help. At ONIX, we help brands develop a purposeful content strategy, and produce, capture, edit and deliver TikTok content that engages and helps businesses grow.



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