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How to create engaging Instagram Carousels

On a visually-oriented platform like Instagram, brands who want to grow their presence must learn to adapt to its algorithms in order to be seen. The content you create needs to showcase your products and services, connect with an audience, build meaningful relationships and offer value.

One of the best content features that Instagram offers is their carousel multi-image upload. This product enables users to share up to ten photos or videos in the same post. It is one of our favourite post formats because it allows for engaging storytelling all within a single post. 

At ONIX you may have seen one of our carousel series which teaches our audience an interesting topic relative to digital marketing and indirectly, showcasing our services with a strong call-to-action.

SocialInsider did a study to find out why Carousels are the most engaging Instagram post format. Results show that Carousels:

  • With 8 or more slides perform on average 2% better.

  • That mix images with videos bring the highest engagement rates per post

If you’re considering creating a carousel for your Instagram, here are some key trends and posting practices you can incorporate to increase engagement:

  • Create the style that matches your brand - font, colours & visual elements

  • Write copy that is easy to read and digest. If it’s too lengthy to incorporate into the carousel, that’s okay, remember that it can still be used as part of your caption. 

  • The slides can be a square 1920 x 1920 or portrait size 1080 x 1350

  • The font size should be at least 30pt+ 

  • Tastefully Include your logo to subtly imprint your branding into people’s minds.

  • Slides 1-2: Attract Attention with an engaging headline and a strong image.

  • Slides 3-7: Uncover the problem and provide solutions

  • Slides 8-9: Show results or best practice examples

  • Slide 10: Apply Action by asking your audience to act on a request to comment, like, tag, follow, contact you.

  • Hot tip! Create a swipeable flow. A really engaging technique that forces the user to swipe to see the rest of the image which ultimately takes them onto the next slide, then the next, and then next etc.

Apps or programs that can help you create Carousels include:

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Powerpoint or Keynote

  • Bannersnack

  • Canva

Written by Dee Huynh

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