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  • Dee Huynh

Explainer Video: Your Who, What, How and Why!

What is an Explainer Video? How do you make a good explainer video? Are all explainer videos animated?

ONIX are experts at creating a professional Explainer Video specifically for your needs. When creating an Explainer Video, you need to find ways to capture your audience's attention! Help them clearly understand WHO you are, WHAT service you provide or HOW something works. But above all, WHY they should choose you!

Here's an example of ThoroughWorks' Explainer Video:

Why do you need an explainer video?

An explainer video is a highly effective marketing tool to add to your digital funnel. If your company sells something complex, innovative, or offers a product or service that is hands-on. An Explainer Video is a fast and highly effective way to give your customers an understanding of what your company provides.

Are all Explainer Videos created equal? Well, in short, the answer is no. There are four main types of Explainer Videos, with each suiting a different purpose. The most popular by far is an Animated Explainer Video. What suits you best is based on the complexity of the video or how detailed you need to be.

Animated Explainer Videos

Our favourite here at ONIX. These highly effective videos get your message across, including a carefully crafted script and personal imagery to ring true to your company's graphic profile. An animated explainer video allows for more creative freedom, with the choice to edit and update as time goes by. It is a great asset to add to your digital marketing tool kit! Below is an example of animation mixed in with live-action.

Live-Action Explainer Videos

This type of video is when you have someone in person explaining the product. Perfect for a physical product or a people-oriented service. Research confirms we like seeing human faces! Seeing an actual person in the video can help the viewer create an emotional connection to your brand. Check out the one we did for Gig Life Pro to explain what their platform is all about. We used a combination of live-action footage and screen recordings to bring it all to life!

Live streams on Social Media

Similar to a live-action video, and growing in popularity. Going live shows an authentic, un-edited version of yourself. It helps to humanise your brand and establish a vulnerable side to your product or company. People like this, with a, what you see is what you get approach, showing you have nothing to hide. A great way to build trust within your following.

Another way to do this without it being "live" is to just record yourself to give yourself the flexibility to edit after the fact. It is still very effective as you are still being authentic but it also gives you full control of how the edit plays out.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

A whiteboard explainer video is when an animation is hand-drawn on a whiteboard and erased as you go. This type of video has become popular as a time-efficient and cost-effective way to create an explainer video. Here is one of our favourites from Coca Cola that is very detailed and excellent in its narrative.

ONIX will happily help you with any of these, but the magic happens when we produce unique, animated films. Our Explainer Videos are informative, entertaining and our illustrations have strong storytelling qualities that help you stand out from the crowd!

How Long should your Explainer Video be?

The ideal length is between 60 to 120 seconds. Research suggests that we need to grab our viewers attention within the first 5 secs! As we are accustomed to the instant gratification that we seek daily through social media. All the more reason to have professionals help you create something entertaining with a solid visual tone right from the get-go.

Ok, Let's get you started! What does the process for an animated Explainer Video involve?

  • Script.

  • Storyboard.

  • Graphic profile

  • Animation.

  • Voice Over.

  • Text.

  • Background music.

  • Sound design.

  • Delivery.

Resulting in your very own Explainer video. Ready to post on Social media, your website or youtube!

So let's get you started! We will film, animate, edit and create it for you. Get in touch now for a quote!



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