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Content Marketing Strategy

What is a content marketing strategy?

Think of it in the same way as a marketing plan, but specifically for your content. The content relates to anything you post online and through social media that allows you to interact with your key customer. The ultimate goal of content should be to bring you organic traffic, not just generic likes or follows. You want to attract potential customers that will convert into sales in real life. Content is also a fantastic way to increase your brands' authenticity.

To attract the proper attention, you need to activate a strategy specifically designed for the content you plan to post on your social media, website or Youtube channel. Thoughtfully creating a content marketing strategy can lead to significant sales conversions for your business.

Before you go ahead and create this content marketing strategy, it is helpful to establish these four key things.

  1. What results do you want to achieve

  2. How will you achieve these results?

  3. How will you measure the results?

  4. What tools or programs will you need?

When you set goals for your content strategy, try to be specific; choose measurable goals, achievable goals and relevant goals.

So, how do you create a content marketing strategy?

One of the essential parts of creating a content marketing strategy is goal setting. Picture what the best-case scenario is? Do you want to increase awareness of your brand? Do you want to gain followers, or is your primary desired outcome building your email list?

It is essential to be able to audit and revise the content strategy quite regularly. To do this, you will need to document where you will be posting and what digital assets you have or plan to have.

Digital assets can include things like photos, videos, blogs and email sequences. There is an art to creating your content marketing strategy; this is where it can be helpful to have experts in the field help. We can help you establish a plan and provide you with cohesive content material as part of a long-term goal.

Establish your customer avatar or personas

A simple and effective place to start is to specify who your target audience is. Knowing who you will be creating the content for is vital. So start by creating a specific customer avatar. Also known as a consumer persona. This is simply a fictional character based on your business's ideal customer.

While coming up with your avatar, here are some questions you can try to answer that will help get you started.

  • Name, age and occupation.

  • What products do they purchase?

  • What are their needs?

  • What are their pains?

  • Where do they shop?

  • What are their online habits?

  • What content do they consume?

Include your brand story in your marketing campaign.

Your content marketing should consistently communicate your brand story. Posting content with cohesive messages projecting your brands' identity is essential to a successful content marketing strategy. It is crucial to make everyone in your team aware of your brand story and have the content reflect that in all channels.

If you would like to put the wheels in motion and get a real strategy in place for your business's content marketing, please don't hesitate to get in touch! We are here to help!

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