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Content Marketing in 2021

What is Content Marketing and why is it the best way to grow your business?

Content Marketing is anything you create for your audience or customers to interact with you and gain value from. It can include content mediums like:

  • Videos

  • Downloadable PDF's

  • Photos

  • Sharing on social media

  • Blog posts and articles

  • Email marketing

The purpose of Content Marketing is to help you get noticed and create interest within your product and brand. We share content in many different outlets to rank on Google and make it easy for potential customers to find you. Building trust and sharing your brand story while offering solutions to your customers' pains. You are selling products to help your customers along the way.

There are some specific things to think about when it comes to content marketing in 2021, and we are here to help you out.

1. You can't rely just on SEO and social media.

While SEO is still relevant in 2021, it does take longer to gain Google rankings. It is part of the long game, while social media channels constantly restrict how much reach you get unless you spend money on ads.

To gain more traction and get noticed more, we need to simultaneously use other digital marketing ways. One very effective way is through push notifications. You can use tools like to create push notifications and get people to subscribe to your content. One example of a great way to use this is every time you write a new blog post; you send out a notification to your users in their browser to inform them that you have created new content. It will then encourage them to go and check out! So easy. Companies like Netflix and Facebook use this technique; they send us 'push notifications' when a new movie is released, or someone on your friends' list has a birthday. You can automate push notifications for your content through numerous free online tools.

2. You will need to generate a lot of content.

Creating and updating your content is time-consuming but very necessary in 2021.

It might be nice to know that some of the most successful content marketing companies only create one new post a week as a rule. The rest can be updated, upcycled old posts. If you update old content, the statistics show that you will generate more traffic.

3. Click rankings on Google

Companies are hiring people these days just for CTR (Click-Through-Rate) Optimisation. Ways for you to increase your CTR is to include things in your Meta description such as:

  • Power words

  • A question

  • Emotions

  • 15 to 40 characters

  • Having a catchy meta description

  • Including the keywords in the /URL