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  • Dee Huynh

25 Marketing Tips You Can Utilise for 2022

We've listed some tips to level up your marketing endeavours this year:

  1. Make sure your website is mobile optimised

  2. Implement smart CTAs to help move people through the funnel faster and better by providing them content targeted to their stage in the buying cycle

  3. Ask for reviews - Google Reviews

  4. Create blog posts that have real intention by using SEO keywords that will help you rank

  5. Depending on your audience, focus your energy on 1 or 2 social media platforms rather than having to be everywhere all the time without success or measure

  6. Use your most effective social platform to serve your customers content they want to learn more about

  7. Create one to two month's worth of content and schedule them in advance

  8. Run a competition on Facebook or Instagram

  9. Trial and experiment with the latest features on the platforms you're using

  10. Understand your prospects micro-moments and have content ready for each moment:

    1. I-want-to-know moment = FAQs, Site Links, About

    2. I-want-to-go-moment = Location, Contact Us, Google My Business

    3. I-want-to-do-moment = Videos, Images, Blogs

    4. I-want-to-buy-moment = Carousels, Reviews, PDFs, Cart

  11. Run a retargeting campaign for your best-performing posts, offers and products.

  12. Post more personal and authentic photos of your team on socials explaining their roles to build trust with customers

  13. Have a live chat widget or pop-up installed on your website to get real-time conversations and customer service from website visitors

  14. Add a customer testimonial or review page to your website to make it easier for prospects to review and make a decision

  15. Survey your past and current customers to get their feedback and respond directly to their questions or new needs

  16. Thank your community through dedicated social posts, videos or emails to build on brand awareness and encourage shareable content

  17. Segment your email lists based on the stage of the funnel they're situated so you can create messaging specific to that segment

  18. When it comes to email campaigns, avoid words that can trigger spam filters. This includes subject lines with all-caps, long URL links in the body of your email and a low text-to-image ratio.

  19. Create case studies to demonstrate customer success stories using video that can be seen on your website and socials

  20. Identify common pain points or FAQs and create content about each to fill the gaps.

  21. Frequently review and analyse your Google Analytics to gain a better understanding of your website's visitor behaviour. Create more content around the themes most viewed.

  22. Include clear call-to-action messaging in some of your social posts

  23. Have consistent branding across all your channels to be more memorable

  24. Explain complex topics using video in an interesting and engaging way

  25. Use relevant and attractive visuals in your content to make it easier and faster to grab people's attention

Ready to level up your marketing game and achieve better results? Contact ONIX Productions today and let us help you create impactful visual content strategies that drive engagement, build trust, and elevate your brand. Don't wait—take the next step towards marketing success. Reach out to us now and unlock the full potential of your marketing endeavours.



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