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  • Dee Huynh

10 Reasons Why You Should Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing content is about finding alternative ways to give new life to your previous content. It involves adding more value to your content by consistently revising it. But why should you bother?

In this article, we share 10 reasons why it's essential to start repurposing content, the benefits of it and how you can plan for it.

1. You've already invested the time and resources into creating this one piece of content. The hard work is already done. Sometimes, your content just needs a little refresh to keep your audience engaged. This content piece might be a blog post you wrote. Could you turn this into a podcast or a video? Perhaps you can use the same topic and turn it into a webinar presentation? Could you break each point of the blog into 10 different infographics to post? It's the same valuable content just in a different format.

2. You've shared it once and maybe it didn't attract that much attention. Content has a greater impact when you give it time and repurpose it in a new format. That gives the content an opportunity to reach new audiences and increase its traction. For example, you shared a brand video on your landing page. The views are increasing but rather slowly. Repurpose that video by cutting it down into shorter edits and reformatting its size. Add your logo and a call-to-action if relevant. Post it on your socials, boost it and drive people to your landing page to view the whole video. Watch the numbers increase!

3. Generally, it takes seven touch points for a prospect to even consider any action or purchase? That means that whatever your message, you need to drill it through to your prospects screen and into their heads. Be memorable and stay top-of-mind because the next time they need something relative to what you do, you will be the one they think of.

4. Repurposing optimised content has proven to increase your site traffic organically. For example, if you've written a blog, think about how you can turn that blog into a social media post. It could be an image or a carousel of images that tell a story or offers insights. When you share it, add a link to drive traffic back to the blog on your website so they can "Learn More" or "Read More".

5. 85% of people prefer to watch videos rather than to read online. If this statistic is true, your written content may not be getting the justice it deserves. Instead of dismissing all your efforts, make a video. Film yourself discussing the topic of interest and sharing your knowledge. Let people into your world so they too can learn more about you. Sharing a video with a real person talking to you authentically and wholeheartedly creates a level of trust no other content can compare to. Even better, update your old blog by embedding this new video into your blog post to give your audience the option to view whatever they prefer. Chop the original video into lots of smaller videos to post and remind people of your key messaging. Now that is high-value!

6. Testimonials or reviews is another great trust-building piece of content. Before someone makes a purchase, the chances are they're checking to see if you're legitimate. Sharing your customer's voice matters so if you've received a written review, find a way to get a video review. This doesn't need to involve a camera crew or expensive equipment. Simply request for your customer or client to film themselves on their phone and share that piece of content on your website, your socials or even on Google Business. You'll be surprised by how effective this strategy is as you watch your rankings increase across multiple platforms.

7. Turn statistics or collected data into engaging social media content. When you can turn words into a graphic or animation, you're providing your audience a new experience whilst educating them. Sharing this type of content demonstrates that you're knowledgeable and that you care about data which ultimately, makes you more credible. You can take it another level by repurposing your social media feed post into a Story Highlight by simply reformatting the content from square (1:1) to a vertical (9:16) piece.

8. Have you written an ebook? If you have, look at how you can repurpose each chapter by creating something different to explain the subject. It might be a GIF, an animation, a meme or a short video. Every time you re-share it, there's an opportunity for you to promote the ebook again so people can buy it or download it. If you haven't written an ebook, collate all your written blogs and repurpose them into one downloadable collection - TADA! You are now the author of a brand new ebook!

(See it for yourself! Download our eBook here with lots of content tips and tricks)

9. Presentations happen quite often and nowadays, a lot of them are being recorded on an app like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You've put in a lot of work and there would be plenty of value in this video. Surely it would be a waste to archive it into a folder and not think about it again. Instead, why not select the golden nuggets from the presentation and cut them up into smaller pieces that you can repurpose for your socials?

10. Repurposing your content will help with your SEO. The importance of keywords may change over time which means that what was popular a year ago may not be the case today. By repurposing the content you have the chance to update your content to ensure up-to-date keyword data.

With all these strategies to repurpose content, you will find that in no time, you will have so much content that your capabilities to post daily isn't unrealistic at all. Sure, you might need a little help to get started on certain types of formats but leave all the fine-tuning up to the experts.

Remember that content is king, queen and the whole army but it's only as good as the strategy and effort you put in at the start to see the result you want on the other end.



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